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Christiana was born and raised in a small town in the Swiss Alps, surrounded by goats. Her father was a homeopath and she grew up helping him pick the herbs that she uses in her products today. She is creating her own little Switzerland right here in rural North Carolina.

Mission Statement:
Christiana's will strive to attain the finest quality in personal care products, designed for your health and peace of mind.

What You Wont Find In My Products

All my soaps start with a base recipe of olive oil and fresh goat's milk. Then I use only the highest quality of essential oils and Vitamin E. No preservatives are EVER added to my products!!

Did you know that your skin absorbs everything? With my soap you don't have to worry, it's all good for you!

For children and people with small hands, heat a kitchen knife and cut the soap any way you wish!

To get the most out of your soap use a soap-saver. I sell them, or you can find them them at any kitchen or bath store.

Swiss picChristiana and GoatsSwiss pic
The Toggenburg region of Switzerland, home of Christiana and her Goats.

ling Swiss Goat Milk Soap
Christiana Mills the Soap for the Second Melting!!

Toggenburg Goats
A Few of the Nannys for Milking

Christiana Milking Swiss Goats
Christiana and Bowe Milking a Goat

Jara Milking Swiss Goats
Jara, Christiana's Milk Maid, Who Left To Go To College

Chrstiana Playing with Goats
Who's First for Treats?

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